Animal Riddles

Today in class, we have played “Baam” with animal riddles. You’ve done a great job. A big clap and congratulations to the winners! Here, you will see some of the riddles we have played with. Why not search the net for more animal riddles and share them with us in the comment section? Looking forward to your riddles…


Welcome on Board!

Hello my dear students! I’m very happy to welcome you all to this new project: Our own blog!!!! This blog has been created to be used as a space where we can meet and share the process of learning English. As you all may know, in this part of the year we are going to work on a project about animals, so we will be sharing all that we are learning in class here.  I’m willing to receive new ideas, suggestions and collaboration from all of you to make this blog a real place for interaction and learning. You are all part of this project so why don’t start taking part in it by leaving a comment telling us something about you and what you would like to find in this blog? We are really looking forward to your comments.