Talking Photos

Instructions for creating your own talking photo:

1) Choose an animal and look for an image in Google images

2) Right click the image and save it in the computer (Remember where you have saved it!)

3) Enter this webpage:

4) Choose the speaker in step 1

5) Insert your text in the white box (step 2)

6) Click on download and right click on the link that appears in blue to save it to your computer. (Remember where you have saved it!)

7) Enter this webpage:

8 ) Click on “MAKE”

9) Click on “Browse” and find your picture file.

10) Select the area of the image you want to use and click on

the blue arrow. 
11) Move the blue and green circles to accomodate them surrounding the mouth and click on the blue arrow.

12) Click on the pink arrow to upload the audio file you have stored in your computer. Click on browse and upload it.

13) When you finish doing this, call your teacher so that she can save it in the class account and upload it to the blog.


5 thoughts on “Talking Photos

  1. Sabrina:

    There are 2 instructions more:

    14)Click “OK” and then click “SAVE”
    15) Click “LOGIN”
    16) In “USERNAME” enter : SAINTexupery5 . In password, enter: instituto
    17)In “NAME”, enter your name. In “DESCRIPTION”, enter your name, and in “TAGS”, enter your name!
    18) Click “PRIVATE” and then click “SAVE”


    To download the “blubber”, enter to and enter the password and the username that I named in the instruction number 16). Click on “MY STUFF”. In the video that you want download, click “CONVERT TO VIDEO” (its under the preview), click “Yes, convert now!”, wait and click in “Click here to download”. Save the video.

  2. Thanks for the help! We are going to work on this on Thursday. Most probably you will be able to help your partners if they have problems creating their “talking photo”.

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