I am very proud to introduce you all to my students’ creations. Using blabberize and following these instructions, they have created a talking animal from one of the animal groups we have been working on. Here they are! Have a look and don’t forget to leave a comment. They are very important to keep us motivated. Remember a blog is fed by your comments.

Mammals ( by Nicolas, Gonzalo, Theo, Alan and Facundo)

Fish (by Valen, Magali, Sofia, Lucia D., Amanda y Micaela)

Birds ( by Camila, Lucia V. and Lucia P)

Reptiles ( by Daniela, Ceci, Luana, Caro, Azul and Naymi)


8 thoughts on “Blabbering!

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  2. Kids: I’m very proud of you!!!! Your work is wonderful. The animals you’ve created were amazing!!!! Jajajaja.
    Kisses! Anaclara

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  4. Hi all!! Sabrina told me that you enjoyed this lesson. Isn’t it great that your school work can now be reviewed from outside your classroom, even from outside Argentina?

    Congratulations for your work!

    Montevideo, Uruguay

  5. Congratulations to you all ! You´ve worked really hard and the result is fantastic. Watching and listening to your animals was really fun ! I hope you go on adding more posts.

  6. Really good work! I ´d like to see more of your projects in class. thanks for sharing it with other students.

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