Our Final Creations!

We have finally created our quizzes. Are you curious about them? Would you like to give them a try? We challenge you all to try to solve them. You can find them here: http://saintexupery5.blogspot.com/2010/09/quizzes.html

You just have to enter your name, click on “STAR QUIZ” and start answering your questions. Share with us your results and opinions about them.



You have really succeeded in making your animals talk. Now, I have a new challenge for you all: preparing a quiz on animal adaptations! I have asked you to bring some information about the topic. However, if you find that what you have brought is not enough, below you will find some useful links:

A presentation with sounds and images on animals adaptation.

Information about sharks, bears, racoons and foxes.

Information from the Toronto Zoo. (click on each of the animals and look for the title: adaptations)

You have all the information! Let’s start preparing the questions! Remember that all questions must have 4 elements: QASI Rule ( question word + auxiliary + subject + infinitive verb) For example: Why do camels have eyelashes?. Prepare for each question 4 possible answers (of course, one should be correct!)

It’s time to go live! Why not posting your quiz online and challenging your classmates to try to solve it? Here you can create your online quiz.

1) Enter your quiz title (Try to be original!) and click on Create my Quiz

2) Click on Continue

3) Login by entering the USERNAME and PASSWORD

4) Click on Multiple Choice

5) Write in the Tag box: Animals

6) Enter the question, the different options and click next to the correct option. It should look like this:

8 ) Click on Multiple Choice again until you finish writing all your questions.

9) Select the category K12 education

10) Click on Create Quiz and that’s it! Your quizz is created!